Jammu & Kashmir Tour Package

Perfect Time To Visit Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a magnificent destination that offers breathtaking sights to explore, and Jingle Holiday Bazar is here to assist you in experiencing its wonders. Jammu is renowned for its sacred temples, such as Vaishno Devi, where people seek blessings and spiritual solace. While in Srinagar, you can visit the picturesque Dal Lake and relish a serene shikara boat ride, and even stay in a houseboat for a unique experience. The Mughal Gardens are also a must-visit, with their vibrant flowers and lush greenery that create a tranquil atmosphere. In Kashmir, there are enchanting valleys to discover. Gulmarg, famous for its snow-capped mountains, provides excellent opportunities for skiing and admiring the majestic peaks. Pahalgam is another scenic spot known for its flowing rivers and picturesque landscapes, where you can immerse yourself in nature's beauty. Additionally, make sure not to miss the chance to visit Sonamarg, aptly named the "Meadow of Gold," with its awe-inspiring views and thrilling activities like trekking and camping. With Jingle Holiday Bazar, your trip to Jammu and Kashmir will be truly memorable. They offer comfortable accommodation, delectable food, and well-guided tours, ensuring that you can fully experience the region's beauty. So, pack your bags, prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey, and embark on an adventure to Jammu and Kashmir with Jingle Holiday Bazar!

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